About Gary

Singer | Actor | Model


Gary Tyrone Johnson has written, produced and recorded with Grammy winning recording artists and has been singing and performing since the age of six.

Gary's noticeable appearance has led to major and international modeling campaigns. He was a poster model to introduce the Cingular Wireless Palm Treo cell phone. He was a poster model for Universal Studios 'The Earthquake Ride'. He also modeled as the doctor on a large Charter Hospital billboard campaign. Gary modeled on WEB Multifamily Laundry Systems posters. Gary also did a major print campaign for Dave & Buster's.

While in college Gary remained heavily in the arts and studied acting, music and dance, while being on the The National Dean's List and maintaining a 4.0 average in computer science, but it was at a popular Los Angeles music conservatory where he studied the piano that his piano instructor tested and informed him that he had "perfect pitch".